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The Ascent has a new, aggressive design that delivers comfort and confidence at full draw. Micro adjustments to travel and click distance deliver performance custom built for you. Looking for written instructions on how to adjust your Ascent? Click here for a downloadable copy. The Ascent is the result of years...


HYPERJAW™ STYLE RELEASE For nearly 40 years, the Scott Archery family's innovations have been a part of success stories. From the roar of tournament crowds to the quiet of the hunting woods.  The Scott Legacy pulls from some of the most successful innovations in Scott's history. This dual-caliper bow release...

Hero X

HYPERJAW™ STYLE RELEASE As a new-comer to the Scott Archery youth release lineup, the Hero X is the little brother to the Scott Legacy. Built on the NCS connector on Scott's uber-comfortable youth buckle strap, the vibrant colors and clean lines are sure to please young archers.  The famed Scott...


FEATURES: Magnetic Auto-Trigger Return True-Center Pulling to Reduce Loop Torque Stainless Steel Roller Sear Hook Ergonomic Body Knurled Trigger Solid Swivel Connector with 5-hole Length Adjustment Cam-Lock Fold Back Strap Connector Leather Strap with Neoprene for Extra Comfort    

Longhorn Pro Micro

FEATURES: Hand-polished heavy brass release Micro adjustable travel to click Three interchangeable moons: Hot Click Cold Click No Click Available in 3-Finger Large & 3-Finger Medium Stainless steel yoke and precision ground hook with return    


FEATURES: Hyper Jaw Technology Stainless Steel Auto Closing Jaws Ergonomic Body Knurled Trigger Solid Swivel Connector with 4-hole Length Adjustment Cam-Lock Fold Back Strap Connector Leather Strap with Neoprene for Extra Comfort      


  Reaching the pinnacle of release design, the Apex delivers comfort and confidence at full draw while offering numerous options to match your shooting style. Target-inspired, the Apex combines tight tolerance and engineering expertise to deliver ultimate accuracy. Three and four finger extension offerings are included which have 50 degrees...


  The Summit and extends exceptional value and ease of use to all archers. As an open hook roller sear thumb button, the Summit offers archers an opportunity to expand their shooting style without breaking the bank. The Summit features a best-in-class crisp trigger feel, auto hook return and has...


Replacement batteries for your rheostat light on your CBE sight.

CX-5 Hunting Sight

Information Weighing in at just 9 ounces, the CX5 shaves off excess weight by featuring an extension bar made from high-modulus carbon. The carbon bar not only keeps the sight extremely lightweight but also ultra-stiff while the dovetail mounting brackets, adjustment rails and scope housing are all machined aluminum for...

Elevate Magnifier

Information Made specifically for the CBE Vertex Elevate sight, this sight tape magnifier helps you get the exact elevation you need in seconds flat. No more fumbling with reading glasses or binos to see your scale.  *Not intended nor designed for older versions of CBE target sights.

Sight Tapes with Laser Engraved Scale

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Compatible with most CBE hunting sights Provides accurate marks for distances out to 100 yards Simply sight in at distances of 30 and 60 yards and use the gauge to determine the proper scale Laser engraved sight scale included
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