Grab Your Favorite 4-Pack of Broadheads!


Consistent Flight
Bone Crushing Power
Surgical Grade Cutting

Killer Tech

Lutz Blades
Super Steel Ferrules
Alcatraz Lock System
No Excuses Broadheads

Hard Hitting Broadheads

Tight Tolerances
High-Quality Materials
Ground Breaking Design

GrizzTrick (4 Pack)
$ 42.99

With the largest cutting diameter in the line the GrizzTrick offers exceptional holes and devastating performance. This head flies true with field point-like accuracy even while stretching the distance. (4 Pack)

ViperTrick (4 Pack)
$ 42.99

A vicious design with the strength and durability fitting to it’s name. SS Lutz ® blades, 7/8” bleeder blades and Alcatraz™ Bladelock system all married with laser-like flight characteristics you have come to expect from Slick Trick. (4 Pack)

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