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ViperTrick Value Pack (4 Pack)

$ 47.99
A deep penetrating cut-on-contact design with strength and durability at the forefront of its maxims; then married with all the laser-like flight characteristics you have come to expect from a Slick Trick. All the advantages of a one piece head with the ability to replace blades and maintain nearly two inches of...

Standard Broadhead (4 Pack)

$ 42.99
If you're looking for a broadhead with versatility at its core, look no further. With perfect geometry for extreme penetration and incredible flight, the Standard cuts a devastating four-blade hole with extraordinary performance. This 1" four-blade design out cuts seemingly larger 1 1/8" three-blade broadhead designs by 18% for larger...

GrizzTrick 2 Broadhead (4 Pack)

$ 42.99
With the largest cutting diameter in the line the GrizzTrick offers exceptional holes and devastating performance. A great option for long-range shooters, this head flies true with field point-like accuracy even while stretching the distance. Everything you would expect with unrivaled Slick Trick durability, strength and slice. This is a...

Magnum Broadheads (4 Pack)

$ 42.99
A super-short broadhead designed to rival the flight and cutting diameter of mechanical heads with the confidence and reliability that only comes with a fixed-blade design. With 1 1/8 inches of cutting diameter this four-blade, low-profile design provides devastating results and is the perfect design to handle the blistering speeds...

Pro Series ViperTrick (Stainless Steel)

$ 47.99
The deadliest broadhead on the planet just got deadlier.  The new for 2017 SlickTrick Pro Series ViperTrick uses an all stainless steel construction. These broadheads penetrate further and do more damage than ever before. Best yet, because they resist corrosion, you never have to worry about having a sharp edge. ...

Xbow Crossbow Broadhead (4 Pack)

$ 42.99
With a proven mix of geometry and weight this head is designed to quickly stabilize short crossbow bolts for perfect flight and exceptional accuracy. With bone-crushing penetration this head offers a huge cut, strength, penetration and reliability all in a replaceable blade package specifically designed for today's ultra-fast crossbows. This...

Pro Series Magnum (Stainless Steel)

$ 47.99
Everyone knows that SlickTrick's give you an edge in the woods.  Now, keep that edge even longer with the 100% stainless steel Pro Series of your favorite SlickTrick.  Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, so there's no reason you can't get in the woods this season. Never worry about your broadheads...

WickedTrick (Stainless Steel)

$ 47.99
The deadliest broadhead on the planet just got wicked.    This new for 2018 broadhead packs one of the deadliest punches SlickTrick has ever delivered. With 1.25" of cutting diameter and 2 5/16" total stainless steel cutting surface, the WickedTrick is sure to please fixed-blade broadhead lovers everywhere.  This new...

Pro Series Standard (Stainless Steel)

$ 47.99
Success in the woods means you walk the edge every time.  Keep that edge sharper - and longer than ever - with the new Pro Series Standard Broadheads. Only from SlickTrick.  The bone crushing devastation you know and love. A broadhead edge that stays sharper, longer.  

SS3 1-Piece Broadhead

$ 47.99
Much like the original SlickTrick designs, the SS3 is an evolved head that flies like no other. With a super short, machined single-piece design, the SS3 is another SlickTrick broadhead that does it all. Again and again.  The SS3 includes a proven mix of geometry and weight for a laser-like...
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