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Tricked Animals

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Joey Casey

I have always used mechanical broadheads until this year. I went online and read the many positive reviews on your products. I took the plunge and bought 3 packs of the 100 grain SLICK TRICKS. This has to be one of the best hunting decisions that I have ever made. Ihave never seen blood trails like this. Oh yeah, it’s nice to be able to sharpen the blades after use. Congratulations on fantastic products.

Doug Lyons

I recently bought SLICK TRICK 85g and I can tell you this.......AWESOME! coming from a 20 year bowhunting veteran, these are truly one awesome head. My bow is shooting 318 feet per second with deadly accuracy. I will never use anything else and all my buddies will soon be shooting SLICK TRICKS. Thank you for one awesome head.

J.T. Kreager

I have had some great success shooting your broadheads the past couple of years and have some good pictures to prove it, the best of which is my side 182” P&Y Mulley from Colorado this past August.

Tom & Cindy Rothrock

Here are the pictures of the buck that my wife shot this fall with one of your 100 grain Magnum broadheads. The buck was almost right under her tree stand and with a 45lb BowTech and a 350 grain arrow she went all the way to the fletch cutting a rib completely into at its thickest part right next to the spine.  The buck didn’t go very far, weighed 228.8 on digital scales, grossed B&C and will net in the middle to high 160’s. Cindy has taken a lot of big animals with her bow and broadheads have always been a problem and I think maybe we have just solved that problem.

LeRoy Hansen

I am sending you a picture of the buck I shot in northern Wisconsin this year. He is a beautiful 10 pointer with good mass and long tines with no deductions. When I talked to you in early October about broadheads, and you recommmended for me the buy SLICK TRICK 100 Magnum 4 blades, I was a little skeptical. I wondered how they would fly seeing they had 4-blades, but after shooting them I had complete confidence in them as they flew as good as my field points and as you can see they did their job on the deer. In the past I tried many other broadheads but was not happy how they flew, they either flew left or right. I know what I will be shooting from now on.

Brandon Roberts

Hello, I just thought I would write you about how great your product is. Instead of fancy gimmicks and off the wall stuff, you guys kept it simple and it works great. I work at a local archery shop in central Illinois. We have turned dozens of people on to SLICK TRICKs and they all love them. I would not go in the woods with anything else but SLICK TRICKS.

Jim West

I took this monster with SLICK TRICK broadheads.  Blasted right through the shoulder at 8 yards. Great product, very pure in terms of accuracy. Thanks guys!!

Roy Charbonnet

Tyler (age 9)

...well on 10/7/2009 it happened, Tyler harvested a nice 8 point buck @ 19yds.  The buck was aged at 3.5 years old and was 202lbs live weight, his rack was a nice little 8 point typical, GREAT FOR A FIRST DEER.  It was a great day for me and my son.

... I will say again the SLICK TRICK Magnum 1-1/8" cutting diameter is the best broadhead on the market, it is simple and deadly, flies like a field point, razor sharp, and is bar none the toughest broadhead available to any hunter. After this season I have personally harvested in the last four seasons 16 deer with a SLICK TRICK Magnum broadhead; 5 with a compound bow and 11 with a crossbow, and that is not counting my son's turkey and this deer.

Thank you for a great product and great company.

Lade Conlee

Nick Maynard

"The head did a very good job and was a great blood trail also." - Lee Maynard (father)

100gr Viper Trick, 44#, 25" draw, 19.5 yards passthrough


Chris Meadors

Chris Meadors, manager of High Desert Archery in Las Cruces, NM. Photo of our recent antelope success with the best broadheads in the world. 85gr Standards. I can always count on my TRICKS to fly true even at long distances! We can't keep these heads on the shelf here at our shop.

Dreabon Joiner

Just got back from New Zealand where I took this red stag.

Forty yard shot with a SLICK TRICK Magnum 100 and once again, I can see the end of the blood trail from where I was standing when the shot was made. He might have gone 80 yards!

Also shot an arapawa ram with about the same results.

SLICK TRICKS keep whackin' em and stackin 'em.

Troy Thomas

I just wanted to let you guys know that I used your SLICK TRICK 100 grain head this year and was very pleased with the results. Real field point flight, devastating penetration, and superior toughness. I shot an antelope and a 330 P&Y bull (I included the pictures) and each head stood up perfectly with each animal going down within a hundred yards. Thanks again for a great product and I hope to have continued success with them!

Dan Kasprzyk

Bryon Benson

John Bute

I love your boradheads. I've been shooting them for about five years now. I shoot the 100gr Magnum, and have taken many animals with them. I'm very pleased how they shoot true to my field points. Last year in New Mexico I shot a 335 Bull Elk at 10 yards with 100 yard recovery. Thanks for a great product.

Brian Byron

"Everybody's dream on Colorado public land!"


Bob Hancock 

I spent a lot of time trying different heads in preparation for this hunt. I kept coming back to the SLICK TRICKS as they shot so well and I got a lot of positive feedback from others who used them. What convinced me was a fellow's comments as to how well they performed on his Polar Bear. I could not be more impressed. Thirty-five yard shot and a short but careful tracking job.... the pictures tells the rest of the story.

Brad Pritz

I was fully impressed with the 100gr Mag performance on my Polar Bear with a center of the shoulder shot on the left side it penetrated up to the fletch on a 27.5 inch arrow from 30 yards. I’ve shot your broadheads out to 110 yards with no flight problems what so ever so I see no reason to change. Again thanks for such great products.

Suze Lesiow

Ron Murphy

Luc Tremblay

I took this bear last Friday. After the broadhead exited the bear, it made a hole in the steel barrel behind him. I'm sure that with a good sharpening, it could be used again.

Third bear in 3 years with the SLICK TRICK 125gr Mags. I don't figure why I would use anything else...

Kirk Clark

I've attached two pictures of my bear I got the last week of May.  Your SLICK TRICK really did a number on him, he only went a short distance and fell in sight.


Dewald Opperman

I have been shooting SLICK TRICKs for the last 3 years with great success and after about 60 animals I knew I had the best broadhead on the market. But when it came to the giraffe everyone told me don't shoot anything except a 2 blade broadhead. I ignored everyone that gave me advice on how to shoot a giraffe and what setup to use, and followed my own mind, and it worked! I went on and shot my giraffe with a SLICK TRICK 125gr Standard broadhead. I shot the giraffe at 53 yards and it expired within 75 yards. The PH (Stuart Pncle) who hunted with me couldn't believe his eyes! Ful penetration and 4 ribs cut off! WOW!! Thanks for an awesome product and for making the most versatile broadhead in the world!!! 

Reiger Leiow

Roy Keefer

Thought I'd show you some of my success with the 100gr RAZORTRICK. I've been using them for two years and have nothing but praise for them. They truly are awesome. I only shoot 55 pounds yet the moose quickly went down. The  moose went only 60 yards. It's a great product.


Ashley Byron

Burgert Joubert

Carl L Paris, 3rd

Wild boar weighing in at 255 pounds (Russian Boar).  Harvested in Fairlee, Vermont with a 100gr SLICK TRICK Magnum. Total pass through!  Very impressed with the results. Thanks for a great product!!


Glenn Lloyd

Just returned from Namibia and wanted to report that the SLICK TRICK Standard 125's did an AWESOME job on the African animals...Blood trails like you wouldn't believe and dead animals in short order!

Shane Standley

I would personally like to thank you for such an awesome product. I purchased about three dozen of your 1-1/8” 100gr broadheads from a local archery shop for my trip to Africa, on recommendation from the store owner. After harvesting 17 animals with the broadhead at distances ranging from 15 years to 75 yards I was ecstatic. I had a dozen of the broadheads left over once my hunt ended. I gave them to my guide in Africa because he was very impressed. He encourages all of the hunters to use your broadheads when they come to hunt, because he feels they will be as successful as I was. As you look at these pictures that I provided, you can see why we were all impressed.

Burgert Joubert



I took this warthog with a GRIZZTRICK 100gr at 18 yards.  Complete pass through, heart shot. Tip was still in great shape and usable. Thanks for a great broadhead.

Shane Standley


Jim Bennett

Cobus Opperman

I went and did something this weekend that everyone said can't be done. I SHOT a Giraffe, and Yes you Guessed it I shot it with a SLICK TRICK!

...I have been shooting SLICK TRICKS for the last 3 years with great success and after about 60 animals I knew I had the best broadhead on the market. But when it came to the giraffe everyone told me don't shoot anything except a 2 blade broadhead...

...I ignored everyone that gave me advice on how to shoot a giraffe and what setup to use and followed my own mind and it worked!

I went on and shot my giraffe with a SLICK TRICK 125gr Standard broadhead.  The SLICK TRICK penetrated better than a 2 blade ever would! I had no arrow flight problems to what you have with 2-blade broadheads. I shot the giraffe on 53 yards and it expired within 75 yards.

The PH who hunted with me couldn't believe his eyes! Full Penetration and 4 ribs cut off! WOW!!

Thanks Gary for an awesome product and for making the most versatile broadhead in the world!!!!

David Schultz

I just bagged an archery turkey last week after switching to your SLICK TRICK broadheads. They work great. The arrow entered just above the hip and exited just below the off side hip smashing the big leg bone like a rifle bullet and completely passed through. That bird was "dead on arrivial". These broadheads shoot just like my field points and actually group better at 40 and 50 yards. I have been bow hunting for over 40 years and shot my first whitetail with a bow at age 13. I've used a lot of different broadheads over the years but these have to be the best!